Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cash's Quilt

A little more than a year ago, I started making quilts for the grandkids' birthdays. This quilt was made from a kit from Keepsake Quilting, with additional fabric for the backing. 

The red border fabric came with the kit, and was meant to be the backing, but my friend Matthew snagged me the end of a bolt of the road fabric to use on the back. With that, and leftover red fabric, I was able to piece together a backing that Cash can drive his Matchbox cars on. 

The vehicles came as die-cuts with the kit. I glue-basted them on, then zigzagged around each shape in black. There were enough vehicles to applique to the upper border of the back as well. 

I purchased black double-fold quilt binding at JoAnn to bind the quilt. Batting is Warm & Natural. 

I hand-quilted around each wide stripe on the front, also in black. 

This is the only quilt in that birthday series that was actually finished by the relevant child's birthday.
It's long enough that he'll be able to use it on a twin bed, when he moves up to one. 

More pix below. 

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Two months?!

I've been busy, just not posting here. Oops.

In those two months, I have finished two quilts, worked on two other quilts, knitted three dresses for my granddaughter, one or two tops for myself, some random socks, done some commission knitting for clients, and read some books.

I also shifted half the stuff out of my studio to make a bedroom for my sister, who will stay with us for the next few months, until she finds a place of her own in the area. It's really nice to have her here. We hadn't lived in the same town for over thirty years.

Our son is also living here, along with our grandson (about half-time, in his case), while he attends school. Classes start tomorrow, and he is really excited.

I took the month of August off from work at the shop, and have really enjoyed the time. Just another ten days of vacation remain. Sigh.

I'll try to get caught up on reporting my finished projects.