Friday, January 14, 2011

Stockings #6, 7 and 8

        #6                                      #7

These were consigned by a client I've knitted for previously. Stockings #6 and 7 are from the same Knit O Graf pattern as #5. It was neat to have the actual pattern to work from -- and to see that I'd reverse-engineered #5 almost exactly right!

Stocking #8 is from a Bernat kit originally sold as "Jumbo Santa Claus Stocking". There is no design or pattern number given. I'd knitted this stocking for the client before. 

Bernat's description aside, the Knit O Graf stocking is even more jumbo-er, as you can see in this photo: 

Sorry about the goofy formatting - I just don't have time to dink with it right now. 

Here ends the first update. 

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  1. Hey there, I noticed you had mentioned you had the pattern to these stockings. I was wondering if there was a way that I could get a copy. I am trying to track one down to carry on an old family tradition. Unfortunately my grandmother's patterns were destroyed. You can contact me at Thank you, and sorry if this is a repeated comment, I wasn't sure if the original had gone through or gotten eaten in cyberspace.