Thursday, May 24, 2012

Wedding Sampler

I've been going cross-eyed finishing a wedding sampler for a client. She had stitched about 25% of it, and handed it off to me to finish in time for the wedding.

I got it done, it's mounted, and waiting for its frame. It turned out nicely, I think. She asked me to modify parts of the design, leave out a central motif, and stitch the couple's names and wedding date in the center -- in a sort of Hebrew-looking alphabet.

I went online and found this font, which I used as inspiration for charting the names and date. She was pleased with the result.

Here's the finished sampler, before framing. 

It will have a fairly dark blue mat and a gold frame. I think the frame we ordered is close to 14" x 14".  The stitching is 16 stitches/inch. I've done finer work, but not in quite a while. I was glad to have my new glasses!

Next up, replicating a family Christmas stocking for a bridal shower gift -- due a week from Saturday.

At least it's knitting -- I won't go blind doing that. 

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