Sunday, November 14, 2010

Yesterday, I bought more thread.

I taught my Functional Kniteracy class at the Danville store yesterday afternoon, so of course I drove over early enough to do some shopping at Threads of Time first.

I found a cute print to use for the border on Haeli's quilt:

I was torn between it and the striped fabric on the left, but (a) the print will work better with the generally scrappy look of the quilt and (b) there was only 7/8 of a yard of the striped fabric left on the bolt. I took it all, of course.

I may still manage to use the striped fabric for the binding. We'll see.

I broadened my fat quarter palette (is that a mixed metaphor? or somehow redundant?) with some darker, more abstract, rather subtle prints, which should work well with some Japanese fabrics I've acquired from Studio Aika. I have a Plan gestating. 

Threads of Time now carries sashiko fabric on the bolt, so I got lengths of sage green and white, which should make lovely runners and/or placemats. When Elin & Mike were here a couple of weeks ago, we went  up to Mitsuwa in Arlington Heights for the day. I was able to find three Japanese sashiko books at the bookstore there, which have a lot of patterns and ideas for household textiles, but I hadn't yet gotten around to ordering fabric to make them. Now I don't have to.

Then I bought more colors of sashiko thread, because (as you may recall) I collect thread. And a Chalk Cartridge Set, which should be useful for sashiko, quilting, and general embroidery marking.

I really hope it works well, because it looks so cool, and I like writing sticks of all kinds almost as much as I like thread. 

Oh, and I got some stinkin' cute flannel, which will make a stinkin' cute nightgown for a certain little someone. But no picture of that, because there have to be SOME surprises around here.

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